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In my current work-in-progress, my protagonist uses her long-forgotten supernatural powers to save the day. I love the concept, but I’m constantly at odds with how to weave in enough information to make her unusual ability credible. I’m asking my readers to suspend disbelief, have faith in my writing and join me in a jaunt through my imagined world.

According to Steve Almond, author of Not that You Asked, “Readers will happily suspend their disbelief (even in the face of space aliens and angels) if they feel their emotional and logistical questions have been addressed, and if they world the encounter feels internally consistent.”

I agree. Consistency is key to creating supernatural, mythical or fantasy worlds. In my favorite movie of all time – It’s a Wonderful Life, the writer stays true to its implausible premise: What life would have been like had George Bailey never been born.

Frank Capra co-wrote this enchanted tale of an angel swooping down from heaven to make George’s request of never being born a reality. In scene after scene, we watch as the story unfolds to show how one man’s life touches so many other lives. It demonstrates the void left when George had never been born.

Almond says “In the end, plausibility in fiction isn’t’ about adhering to the facts of the know world, but the imagined world.” I sure hope he’s right.

Claire Yezbak Fadden


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