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Seven days ago I finished the latest draft of my memoir. There is something extraordinary about these seven days.  I haven’t touched the memoir since.  Why?  I’m on vacation.  No, I’m not lying in a chaise lounge eating frozen grapes and sipping a margarita under a palm tree.  I’m not surfing in eighty degree water.  I’m not watching a spectacular sunset from the veranda of the house where I’m staying.  I’m on vacation from my memoir.

“Put it away for a month,” Kirsten said.  “Don’t pick it up until a certain date.”

“What a WHOLE month?” I said.  “That’s thirty days I could be using to find an agent.  That’s thirty days  I could be doing something.”

“Go on vacation,” Kirsten said.  “Give yourself a break.  Replenish yourself.”

This concept of doing nothing, at least related to the memoir, is foreign.  I’m a doer, a goer.  But like an addict, it’s one day a time, and I’m on day seven.  So don’t bother me, I’m on vacation.


Michelle Zive

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