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CoverDraft2Am I excited to share this news!!

The Kindle edition of “A Corner of Her Heart” is available for pre-order. This is first installment in my Begin Again series. The novel will also be available in paperback on the October 14 release date.

Hope you enjoy this peek inside the pages . . .

Monica lifted her head from the pillow. That was a mistake. Why did I order that third pitcher? Her head, heavier than a bowling ball, pounded as though she had used it to throw a strike. Voices seeped through her bedroom door. Joyful sounds of Brad and the boys playing. She licked her lips, hoping to get the saliva moving. No luck. Cotton balls would fall from her mouth at any moment. She didn’t remember much after Kate brought her home, except Brad holding her hair while she hugged the toilet. Tequila is not my friend.

Monica forced herself up and reached for a water bottle Brad had left on her nightstand. She slowly sipped, listening to what sounded like bodies bouncing off the walls. Definitely a sock war was underway. Monica would find her sons’ socks, now rolled up into balls as ammunition, for days. Guys could make a game out of anything.

She gingerly placed her feet on the carpet and ambled toward the family room. A cobalt-colored orb Monica recognized as part of Burke’s soccer uniform flew past her nose.

“Mom,” nine-year-old Burke shouted, “get back, you’re in the battle zone.”

“Cease fire.” Brad appeared from behind a chair and waved his arms. “Hi honey. Feeling better?”

“A little. What time is it?”

“About three,” Brady answered, stepping in from the hallway, “Dad kept us quiet all morning.”

“I asked to play sock war,” Bodie said, his voice barely higher than a peep. “Dad and me are a team.”

Monica moved to where Bodie sat and joined him on the couch. “Are you winning?”

“I think so,” Bodie replied, pointing to an arsenal of socks.

These moments made Monica’s life. Her sons enjoying each other, laughter rising throughout her home. Getting drunk last night was an escape, but she couldn’t escape her obligations. She didn’t want to. God blessed her with four sons to love and guide into manhood.

 She soaked in their faces, sweaty and innocent. How could she steal this life from them? Monica would never forget what Brad had done. Still, she had to find a way to forgive him and make their family whole again. Her sons’ childhood depended on that.

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About the Author

When she’s not playing with her granddaughter, Pennsylvania native Claire Yezbak Fadden is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first.

There’s a special spot in Claire’s heart for carousel horses – quite possibly the result of watching “Mary Poppins” 13 times as a young girl. She loves butterflies, ladybugs and confetti! Just ask anyone who’s received a birthday card from her. Claire cheers on the San Diego State Aztecs, her alma mater, and she is a Black & Gold fan — Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and Penguins. The mother of three, she lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Nick and two spoiled dogs, Bandit and Jersey Girl.

Claire’s work as an award-winning journalist, humor columnist and editor has appeared in more than 100 publications across the United States, Canada and Australia.” A Corner of Her Heart” is her debut novel.Follow her on Twitter @claireflaire, email her at, join her Facebook Fan Page or visit her at Join her mailing list for sneak peeks, prizes and fun.




Molly Jaffa, agent for Folio Literary Management

Molly Jaffa, agent for Folio Literary Management

Agent Molly Jaffa of Folio Literary Management sent me a proof for TABULA RASA, a debut novel by Tabula RasaKristen Lippert-Martin to be released September 23. I read Lippert Martin’s book and totally loved it, so I logged onto Goodreads to write a review and could not believe what I found. Some reviewers wrote glowing recommendations  – like mine. Others, however, who missed the point of several scenes, in my opinion, wrote things about TABULA RASA that were ridiculous. One went as far as to say the author was racist.


Seriously? Come on!


The story is a nail-biting page-turner with lots of surprising twists about a sixteen-year-old Latina named Angel who has been undergoing experimental surgeries on her brain to erase her memories in a hospital located in the mountains somewhere. She’s been told by the doctors and nurses she should be grateful for the opportunity to be rid of the torment of her delinquent past, so she can start a new life. As she gets set for the final operation to become a true blank slate, or tabula rasa, the lights go out. Someone whispers a cryptic message and puts a handful of pills in Angel’s hand, moments before a bunch of commando guys rush into the secluded hospital spraying bullets, killing staff and other patients.

The premise is what nightmares are made of: memory loss and disorientation in the midst of gunfire and the discovery that

Author Kirsten Lippert-Martin

Author Kirsten Lippert-Martin

you’re the target. Angel is a kick ass heroine who takes the pills she’s been given and begins to remember bits and pieces of her life as she survives against incredible odds.

Kristin Lippert-Martin wrote draft after draft to create an excellent story, went through the arduous task of finding an awesome agent from a reputable literary firm to get behind her, and with the help of that agent, found an editor at Egmont USA to believe in her and her story.


Then before TABULA RASA even comes out, a reviewer publishes smack about how the computer-hacker-geek that Angel runs into, the love interest who helps her to survive this insane situation, says something silly about her being Mexican. The thing Thomas says isn’t mean, just clueless. The dialogue is congruent with his socially-challenged character, not at all racist. The reviewer grouses that of course the hero/sidekick who helps Angel with his amazing hacking skills is a white guy, however, she fails to mention that the evil character who has done her best to ruin Angel’s life, and ultimately tries to end it, is also white. Further, Angel’s memories of her deceased Latina mother are the sweetest, most endearing scenes. Her mother was probably my favorite secondary character. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that the reviewer didn’t discuss Angel’s mother.


Race is a hot button for some people, though, even me sometimes. Late last year, I attended a seminar educating young Latinas about the political process and how they should get involved in their communities. The keynote speaker quipped that Barbara Boxer, our California senator, was “okay for a white woman,” which was insulting. I’ll never forget the experience of being one of the two white people in that audience. Maybe that grumpy book reviewer had a similar experience as a Latina, so she was particularly sensitive to the lame comment the character makes in TABULA RASA. His comment doesn’t bother Angel, and it’s surprising that it bothered the reviewer. The truth is, Kirsten Lippert-Martin’s book is an incredibly intense, fun read.


I hope people pay more attention to the positive reviews and treat themselves to the breathtaking ride that is TABULA RASA. Once the book comes out in September, I’ll post the link, so you can grab a copy and judge for yourself.

It’s always a thrill to see one of your projects  “make it” into print, and just as exciting when a book is published in the latest, cutting-edge medium. My newest novel Private Pleasures is now available from Sizzler Editions.

The erotic master of RHAPSODY IN SNAKESKIN is back with another cutting-edge erotic masterpiece: PRIVATE PLEASURES! Plunge into a gritty underworld populated by hallucinatory dancers, deceitful lovers, and back-stabbing best friends. Joely is a peep show dancer plagued by revenge fantasies about her clients. She’s desperate to feel normal and win the heart of her handsome neighbor. But when she meets Twilight, a dancer with a penchant for brutality, Joely’s facade begins to crack, revealing a lust she never suspected. As two jealous lovers vie for Joely’s attention, she must confront her shadow self, a black leather virago with a taste for blood. Can Joely possibly survive her own darker self?

An astonishing sensual adventure, PRIVATE PLEASURES is a compelling exploration of the sex industry’s effects on the women whose labor sustain it.

BUY  $5.99

# 21. Writers need love as much as money. They don’t need offices because they can write anywhere.

A great article from Robert McCrum at the Guardian UK– Fifty things I’ve learned about the literary life

Just before it launched the iPad last April, I read that Apple reduced its book categories from 35 to 20 on its iBookstore app. According to the article, many of the common categories like “Romance”, “Fiction & Literature,” “Comics & Graphic Novels”  and “Cookbooks” are still there. But the news article made me wonder how many book categories–including sub-categories–are there.

So I started my own list.

Tell me what I missed . . . 

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t own an iPhone or an iPad, but I do have an eReader my husband gave me for Christmas two years ago that I’ve yet to use.



Chick Lit

Christian Fiction






Gay & Lesbian

Graphic Novels & Comic Books

Historical Fiction



Literary Criticism

Literary Fiction

Mystery & Crime

Paranormal Romance



Science Fiction

Short Stories

Teen Fiction

War & Military


Women’s Fiction

Urban Fantasy

Young Adult


African Americans

Antiques & Collectibles

Art, Architecture & Photography


Bibles & Bible Studies


Business & Investing



Computer & Technology

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Crafts & Hobbies

Crime & Criminals


Education & Teaching




Foreign Languages


Gay & Lesbian


Health, Diet & Fitness


Home & Garden



Judaism & Judaica


Medical Books

New Age & Spirituality

Outdoors & Nature

Parenting & Family



Politics & Current Events

Professional & Technical

Psychology & Psychotherapy

Puzzles & Games


Religion & Spirituality

Science & Nature

Self Improvement/ Self-Help

Sex & Relationships

Social Sciences

Sports & Adventure

Study Guides & Test Prep




True Crime

Urban Planning & Development


Women’s Studies


–Claire Yezbak Fadden

Slowly, slowly, she tars the vessel’s boards and pack the hull with goods for her journey. She hangs stiff, white sails, polishes the brass, winds new coils of hemp rope and bottles lime juice for the long days away from land. She dashes a bottle of wine against the new ship’s prow, boards its sanded deck and pulls up the gangway. The anchor chain rattles as it curls around the spindle, and the sails catch the wind. Home, familiar, beloved and dull, recedes behind her. She plays sextant and steers by the stars. Vastly shifting and blue-black with light and shadowy depths, the ocean roils beneath. She is underway.

The manuscript is turned in, the editorial letter read and revisions made. The new novel is fretted over and blessed, its pages shuffled, its words and the patterns of its text examined for flaws one final time. Tied with ribbon and tucked into a waterproof envelope, it travels from west coast to east. The author drinks some wine or a margarita with lime and paces and mutters. She stares at the stars. “This time,” she wishes. “This time.” A book cover arrives; a link pops up online. The days dwindle down and at last, at the mid-crossing, she can sense a change in currents and the soaring arrival of gulls suggests that the new country will soon be reached.

Kirsten Imani Kasai

At long last! I received word last week that my novel Tattoo, the sequel to Ice Song, is going into production. What exactly does that mean? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, I’ll outline it here.

Once a manuscript has completed initial editorial processes (revisions made in response to the editorial letter and subsequent discussions/changes), and the editor has a book that you’re are both fairly satisfied with, the book moves into production.

A release date is set. Tattoo is slotted for release May 24, 2011. To give you an idea of my time frame, I began writing Tattoo in 2009, while subsequently promoting Ice Song and juggling home, family and a day job. I received my editorial letter in November 2009 and the revised final manuscript was turned in May 2010.

Delivery & Acceptance. This is a lump sum payment, one of two or three that you may receive as part of your earnings in addition to payments after the contract is signed and/or when the book is released and hits the shelves.

Line edits commence. My editor/s (I’ve actually had the good fortune to have two editors working with me on Tattoo) reread the manuscript (MS) and add their changes, suggestions and comments to the document (electronic or hard copy). Electronic versions use the Track Changes feature in Word. A Production Editor steps in to help shepherd the MS along from sheaf of papers, to ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy), to the final hardcover or paperback.

Copy editing begins. The copy editor goes over the revised version of the MS after you’ve incorporated your editor’s changes and submitted a new version. Here’s where you really have to be careful. The novel is moving along a sort of conveyor belt heading toward its final manifestation as a printed novel. The time for major revisions/rewrites is over. This is just housecleaning. Do you mean cast iron or cast-iron? Do you want a semicolon there or would you prefer to start a new sentence? The copy editor corrects your spelling and grammar according to the dictionary that the publishing house uses (maybe this varies, you can ask them what dict. they source from when you are looking up words yourself, to avoid later changes/questions). For example, one of the things that was changed in Ice Song, was my use of  ‘towards’ and ‘forwards’ which, I learned, is British English, not American. To standardize with Random House’s style guidelines, these were amended to ‘toward’ and ‘forward.’  The copy editor clarifies your meaning and fixes all the invisible little writing habits we have (for me, it’s excess commas. I usually stick one in there while I’m thinking about what comes next). The writer must be very clear here in approving the copy editor’s changes (“stet” which means “ok as is”), or crossing them out and writing in your preference. This step is a great help in uncovering stylistic and technical weaknesses. The MS with your changes goes back to the publisher by email or snail mail.

Cover Art. Somewhere in here, the editor, art director and marketing team will converge for a cover meeting. They’ll work from their own experience and ideas, along with yours, to create a compelling cover and back cover copy. (Click here to see a gallery of some of the artists, styles and images I like for the Tattoo cover).

Galleys arrive. This is a printed MS incorporating your last round of changes. It’s also the last chance you’ll have to make corrections. The publishers have drawn a line in the sand: “No more changes!” They know that we writers will twiddle our manuscripts into oblivion if they don’t tie our hands, confiscate our pens and march us away from our computers.

ARCs. Next to arrive is an Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is a bound book showcasing the book design (interior pages, fonts etc.) and possibly cover art and marketing plans. It is sent to reviewers several weeks/months before release so that reviewers can publish their ( hopefully) glowing reviews to coincide with your book’s sale date.

The Stork Arrives. The Fed Ex man makes his final delivery–the one you’ve been waiting for since you first committed your story to form and began writing your book. Oh glorious day! You’ll receive a copy of the finished book and it’s on to the next leg of your authorial journey.

I’m awaiting my D&A check (which has already been spent 100 times over, whee!) and will be talking about the cover soon. I’m also working on back cover copy and gearing up for final changes. I’ll keep you posted as we move along.

Onwards and ever upwards (or Onward and ever upward, as the copy editor would prefer),

Kirsten Imani Kasai

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