Reading lets us travel to faraway lands, relive past dynasties or imagine future worlds. And we never have to leave the recliner.

“books are uniquely portable magic.”

When you write a book, you are its potion master, combining facts, feelings and flights of fancy then mixing in generous amounts of your imagination to transport your reader on a breathtaking journey. It’s just like Stephen King declares in On Writing, “books are uniquely portable magic.”

If the “write what you know” adage doesn’t extend to intimate knowledge of sixteenth century England or the Florida Everglades, don’t panic. Kristan Hoffman can help. In her post “Oh The Places You’ll Go, Hoffman suggests six research tools to help you on this quest.

Check them out before plotting that next novel. They’ll enhance your ability to move your readers to any place in the world – real or imagined — without ever leaving home.

–Claire Yezbak Fadden