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Sharon C. Cooper

Sharon C. Cooper

SHARON C. COOPER, co-founder of the San Diego Page a Day Writer’s Group, is a wife, entrepreneur, virtual assistant, freelance writer, playwright and author.  Originally from Milwaukee, Sharon moved to San Diego in 2003 (couldn’t stand the cold winters any longer). This is also when her writing career officially started.

After being in San Diego for several months and craving friends, she met a fellow writer, Kirsten Imani Kasai, and a short time after meeting, they started a writer’s group (Hardcore Writer’s Group –HCSD- Sharon thought nothing of the name until her husband questioned the choice and the group started attracting some shady characters).  Though she wasn’t a serious writer at the time, she soon realized her passion for it and wrote a children’s book, entitled “But I Washed My Hands Yesterday!” Okay, so maybe the title doesn’t sound like she was serious, but she was. After the story received numerous rejections from the publishing world, Kirsten suggested that she turn it into a children’s play. Loving the idea, Sharon did just that and within a week of its completion, the play was acquired by Plays Magazine!

Sharon now lives in Atlanta with her wonderful husband and still actively writes.  Her written work has been published in the anthology Have A Little Faith, as well as in family magazines.  As the editor of Precious News, a quarterly publication for African American families, Sharon is given the freedom to develop fun topics and the opportunity to research interesting subjects. In addition to her writing credits, she belongs to local and national writing organizations including Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers, as well as other critique groups.

Sharon has recently completed her first manuscript, FORGIVE ME, and is working on her second, HIS ULTIMATE LOVE. Both are inspirational romance novels with sensual and spiritual African American characters immersed in realistic situations.

Feel free to email Sharon at or visit her at or


3 Responses to "Sharon C. Cooper"

I’m so proud and impressed by your discipline to follow your dreams. Much Love and God bless Carmen

Hi Sharon,

I read your blurb about the balance required when writing an inspirational romance novel and I totally agree. I’ve been an avid romance reader since my early teens, but I must admit that romance without Christ isn’t romance at all. I decided about a year ago to begin writing a historical novel about faith, slavery, and God’s dedication to his people. Although I’ve completed college and am working on my masters, I don’t have a background in journalism. Do you have any pointers for a novice like me?

Hi Phyllis, thanks for visiting our blog! Like you, I’m a novice as well – but I can tell you what’s been helping me. I am apart of several writing groups, as well as Georgia Romance Writers (GRW) & Romance Writers of America (RWA). I absolutely love my writers group because most of us are in the same boat – wanting to be multi-published and are still learning new things everyday about the craft. With GRW – the monthly meetings have been extremely helpful. They bring in guest speakers and you have an opportunity to spend a few hours w/ other writers (seasoned and new). But the best thing you can do – is read books that are similar to what you write or want to write. When reading your response about writing historical, faith, slavery, etc. I thought of Beverly Jenkins because she’s extremely gifted in writing historical romance, contemporary romance, and faith based fiction (some will even have you laughing out loud). She is truly gifted. I hope some of this helps! Thanks again for stopping by!

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