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Kirsten Imani Kasai

Kirsten Imani Kasai

Co-founder of the San Diego Page a Day Writer’s Group (originally the Hardcore Writer’s Group, until we realized why so many men were walking out of the meetings), KIRSTEN IMANI KASAI, is the author of the lyrical dark fantasy novels Ice Song (Del Rey, 2009) and Tattoo (coming in 2011).
Originally from Colorado, Kirsten has lived in places as diverse as Newark, NJ, East Hampton, NY, Bradford and Penzance, England and a windowless cubby beneath the stairs in a San Francisco flat crowded with ten roommates, four iguanas, three cats, two German exchange students, and a bald illegal Irishwoman, none of whom possessed a front door key. Before having children, she moved to a new city every six months, indulging her taste for novelty. She has traveled extensively within the US and spent time in the Netherlands, Greece and the UK. Kirsten’s  previous occupations include: hairstylist/make-up artist, retail drone, box office sales, coat-check girl, “Worst Waitress in the World,” positions in admin, management and marketing, and a two-day stint tying fishing nets. She holds a BA in Organizational Management and works as the managing editor of a monthly magazine.



Kirsten’s fiction, reviews and poetry have appeared in various national magazines and anthologies. She lives in California with her husband and children. As a writer, her goals are to redefine prevalent cultural images of women and motherhood; to question the nature of gender roles; to establish a feminine vision of the future not rooted in technological alienation and destruction; and, of course, to write killer stories that satisfy our natural human lust for action, sex, love, violence and intrigue.

Kirsten is represented by Helen Breitwieser at
Cornerstone Literary Agency

Visit me in the Red Room

Visit her Red Room site to read short fiction or listen to an audio clip of “Rhapsody in Snakeskin,” an erotic horror story.

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Thanks for setting this up! Totally cool stuff here!

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The Page a Day Writers Group is a diverse collection of wonderful writers based in San Diego, CA. We've been meeting monthly since 2004. Our primary function is in-depth writing critique, marketing and brainstorming, but there's usually some wine, chocolate and ribaldry involved too. We write fantasy, humor, literary fiction, nonfiction, romance, thrillers and YA. Join us on our journeys to publication and the wonderland beyond!


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