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Deborah Ayers

Deborah Ayers joined the Page a Day Writers in 2006.  The other ladies were minding their own business, chatting about writing, enjoying coffee, tea and sweetie-bits at a local dessert shop when Deborah—a server/barista at the establishment—blatantly picked them up!  In Deborah’s defense, she had been desperately seeking a writer’s group to fill her lonely nights and hold her when she was scared.  Fortunately for Deborah, the ladies welcomed her with open arms and she’s felt warm and safe ever since.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, Deborah set out to be a movie star, but ended up waiting on thousands of tables, brewing coffee for the tired and grouchy, and selling them flowers, books, or toys.  Her greatest claim to movie fame was being an extra in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (and yes, Virginia, you can see her!)

At some point in her acting career (or lack thereof), Deborah remembered something one of her professors, the late, great, Dr. Mack Owen, saying “If you can find anything you enjoy doing more than acting, for god’s sake do that instead!” (If I paraphrased, Dr. Owen, know I did it for art’s sake) Mack did suggest that Deborah become a sketch comedy writer, but she laughed it off as she is wont to do.  Having never thought she was all that good, Deborah didn’t even admit that she might be a writer until she completed her first novel.  Nowadays, she admits it freely and revels in the fact that she gets to play all the parts now!

Though currently unpublished, Deborah has completed four manuscripts, and had some false starts on four others.  She teaches English as a Foreign Language to pay the bills, but she keeps waiting for ‘the call’.  She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and is currently shopping for representation with This Pale Mortal Shell, ‘A magical love triangle of lost souls that pits brother against brother and proves that rock n’ roll never dies’. She is also hard at work on her newest paranormal romance novel, Only Skin Deep, the first in a series entitled, Song of the Selkies.

In addition to writing daily, Deborah enjoys reading anything that sits still long enough, researching her newest project, and pasting her walls with collages of beautiful and interesting people.  She resides in Southern California with her two cats (Atticus and Govinda), a couple of ghosts (who won’t reveal their names!), and several spiders (who shall remain nameless).

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2 Responses to "Deborah Ayers"

Love your bio, Deb!!

Teehee! So glad you do! 🙂

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