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Claire Yezbak Fadden

Claire Yezbak Fadden

With help, support, inspiration —  and a bit of nagging from her writing colleagues — the newest member of the Page a Day Writers Group, Claire Yezbak Fadden, has just finished her first novel, A Corner of Her Heart.

A freelance writer and editor for more than 20 years, Claire’s work has appeared in more than 100 magazines and newspapers across the United States and around the world including: “b” Magazine (PA), Houston Woman, Long Island Woman, Manhattan Living, Pittsburgh Parent,  San Diego Family Magazine, South Florida Parenting, Southern California Life After 50, Sydney’s Child (Australia), Vermont Home Style, Western New York Family and Woman’s World.

With a passion for writing about topics that have touched her life, Claire has received awards for her articles and columns on meditation, yoga, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart health and domestic violence.

Also an accomplished essayist, Claire’s monthy slice-of-life column Woman@Heart, heralds the joys, tribulations, frustrations and triumphs of womanhood. 

A proud San Diego State University alum, Claire was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Los Angeles. She lives in Orange County with her husband, Nick and three dogs, Baylor, Bandit and Jersey Girl.

Follow her on Twitter @claireflaire or online at  Email her at or join her mailing list for sneak peeks, prizes and fun.


1 Response to "Claire Yezbak Fadden"

Hello, could you please spread this around? I am sure there is a starting hungry writer who would collaborate on this amazing story.
I know this is a common problem. I have a very important story that could be a book series or even a movie. I can’t afford to pay for someone to write it and I don’t have the time or skill. It is my own life, and People I tell it to are amazed that this is a real person’s life and not fiction. I need a hungry writer who would listen to me for a few minutes and be able to decide if he will write it and spit 50/50 (negotiable). I have lived with an incrediblly painful chronic bone disease (Gaucher) but still went to med school and a pediatric practice specializing in needy and “special needs” children. My childhood was marred by the inability to do sports, being tiny for my age, constant bullying, and a father who was disappointed that he (an amateur athelete) had a kid who couldn’t throw a ball 10 feet. Adolescence was full of epislodes of excruciating bone pain that is described as the same as sickle cell anemia, the worst pain imaginable. I married a beautiful girl who I knew had lupus and died after 7 years while 12 weeks pregnant. “God gave me this baby and he won’t take it away.” During the marriage, i found out her family were Mexican drug dealers and DEA informants. I took photos and did some surveillance for DEA related activities. I loved her, but that was a hard and unhappy seven years. Six months after she died, I fell roller blading (which I wasn’t supposed to do) and shattered my right femur. Six months after that, my father died unexpectantly. I now have plates and screws in my right femur, right arm, three squashed vertebrae and two hip replacements. I went back to school for my MBA in my forties and still work full time for the California Department of Public Health although I qualify for full disability. I remarried, and my second wife turned out to have Borderline Personality Disorder. I went to a divorce attorney the day after our second anniversary but the following day she told me she was pregnant. My first and only child was to be born when I was 44. I have since put up with 10 more years of insults, disrespect, and cruel treatment so my daughter could grow up with both parents. On her first visit, my mother said “It is like living in Hell.” Now my health and anxiety level has forced me to file for divorce. That is when the second story begins, the rebuilding of a happy life after a l life of sadness and suffering. Those chapter are only just beginning.
There is a lot more to the story then this summary indicates. I was going to write a second book about the incredibly enchanted “leave it to beaver” neighborhood I grew up in until I was almost 12. It was to be called “Green Valley Road.”

I’m telling you. This is a story or series of stories that is extremely unique and heart wrenching. A story of overcoming unimaginable odds and suffering unimaginable sorrows. I am not conceited or exaggerating. This is the story of JOB from the bible in modern times. Anybody who knows anybody who wants to talk to me, please email me at If you know anyone else who will at least chat with me, this is a chance of a lifetime.

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