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Go Sharon C. Cooper, a Page-A-Day Writer on Her Way Up!

Posted on: February 25, 2014

legal-seduction-book-coverCongratulations to Page-a-Day Writer, Sharon C. Cooper, weaver of romance extraordinaire! Her newest book, Legal Seduction, will be released June 1 by Kimani Romance, a subsidiary of Harlequin, but you can preorder a paperback or e-book at this very moment! Get a sneak peek at the storyline on her blog, “Just Thinking…”.

A couple years ago, Sharon decided to take the self-publishing route, so she started “Just Thinking…” and began to build a following. She posted regularly, giving insights about her life experiences. Once she developed a routine, she began hosting interviews with other writers, doing blog-hops with writers in the same genre, holding contests and offering giveaways.  In the meantime, she finished her first novel, revised like crazy with feedback from other Page-A-Day writers, and got a professional content and line editor to help her fine tune the manuscript to get it ready for publication.

Something New, a sweet romance, came out in April, 2012 and became a bestseller on Amazon! Whoot! Whoot!  It’s a great story that totally deserved to sell a lot of copies and receive recognition – and this is coming from someone (me) who doesn’t generally read romance. I’m always up for authentic exchanges between three-dimensional characters, plot twists, and a satisfying ending, though.

Since then, Sharon has been busy. She’s published Blue Roses (July, 2012), Rendezvous with Danger (April, 2013), and Still the Best Woman for the Job (2013), all of which have enjoyed great reviews and sales. Is it a wonder how an editor with Kimani Romance contacted Sharon to offer her a contract with a traditional publisher?

We’re all waiting for Sharon to tell us about the differences between self and traditional publishing after Legal Seduction comes out in June, so stay tuned to get the inside scoop from one Page-A-Day author’s perspective.

Until then, we’d love to hear your thoughts on self vs. traditional publishing.


4 Responses to "Go Sharon C. Cooper, a Page-A-Day Writer on Her Way Up!"

Trish, YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks so much for the shout out, the kind words and for tooting my horn for me! 🙂 I would love to share MY thoughts and experience regarding self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. I think it would make for an interesting blog post…and conversation. Oh, and it can be done prior to the release of Legal Seduction. Hey…maybe we can do it as an interview – you and/or Claire Fadden can be the interviewer(s). 🙂 The more I think about it, the more I like the idea! It could be fun! Also, let me take this time to thank you (Trish) and the Page A Day Writers. There is no way I could have accomplished what I have in my writing journey if it weren’t for you guys! The story critiques, the encouraging emails, the monthly Skype calls (which I love) have been so helpful! I even appreciate how all of you (especially you and Claire) bled with me as I tried to get that word, sentence, paragraph, and/or scene just right. Whew! Just thinking about the journey tires me out. Lol! At any rate, I LOVE you all and thank you for your tireless support!

Sharon, Every time I get a little discouraged with my own journey, I look to you for that proverbial shot in the arm, so thanks for sharing your road! I can’t wait to do that interview. Maybe next week? Then we can do another one after LEGAL SEDUCTION comes out. I’ll talk to Claire to see if she wants to get in on picking your brain for helpful hints, too. 😉

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