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Visiting the “Family” after a long time away

Posted on: May 22, 2012

After nearly two years of “vacation,” I’m ready to get back to work on “Asta Requited”) the third and final novel in what I’ve unofficially dubbed The Raven Scribe series (book 1 Ice Song, book 2 Tattoo). It’s as if I’ve been traveling in a distant land on a mission or Peace Corps assignment, and am now returning to the States and the life and people I left behind. The writing life is “home.” Being immersed in a fantasy world, dialoguing with imaginary characters (I say that with chagrin–they certainly seem real to me) and being intimately caught up in personal dramas is my standard modus operandi. “Vacationing” is just that. A diversion from my fictional reality. I expect a bit of culture shock upon returning home as I adjust to the old surroundings and routine.

Nathan Bransford offers some advice on returning to writing after a long break. But most importantly, he warns “Writing is hard. Getting back into writing is really, really hard…It can feel so incredibly intimidating to start again. You might not remember where you left off. You had gotten used to filling your time with episodes of Downton Abbey.” Umm, yeah…there’s that. Along with entire seasons of Luther, Peep Show, Portlandia, Torchwood and many others. Was I a responsible writer who read Important Works and kept up with my industry during vacay? Of course not. I drank Manhattans and read magazines. I slept in. I went out. I dilly dallied and frittered away my time. Vacations are nice but eventually, thoughts turn toward the mail piling up behind the door, gossip you’ve missed out on, the familiar dents and lumps in one’s own mattress and a longing for home ensues. I’ve reached that point familiar to all holiday-makers–less well-rested than restless. My “family” awaits. I’d text/call/email if I could. “Soryk/ah…heading home now. See you soon. Put on the kettle for tea–we’ve lots of catching up to do. Missed you v. much. Love, Me.”


1 Response to "Visiting the “Family” after a long time away"

…boy can I relate to talking to my imaginary characters! I agree, they feel very real! Congrats on being back amongst the fam! I’m sure this story is going to be just as dynamic as the other two!

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