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Posted on: February 14, 2012

San Diegan Emily Moberly fell in love with reading almost before she fell in love with anything else. “I think it was the way that books took me places … and, not to sound too cheesy, but the way that they put the whole world in the palm of my hand,” said the 25-year-old when I interviewed her. “Through reading I had great adventures and met extraordinary people. I explored the jungles of India; helped establish schools in remote Afghanistan; took my first trip to Africa; faced danger and solved mysteries.”

In 2010, Moberly started a nonprofit organization, Traveling Stories. Her goal was two-fold: to provide books to children all over the world and to provide fun to San Diego children at a weekly farmers market by having volunteers read to them in a “story tent.”

The concept came to her graduating from college. She moved to Honduras to teach high school English. “This was the first time in my life that I lived in a place with almost no access to reading material. I realized how much I need books and I saw how the lack of books was impacting my students,” Moberly said. “I decided that as their English teacher I would do all I could to make them fall in love with reading. So, for Christmas I went home and when I returned to Honduras I brought with me 40 books which I introduced to my students as ‘Ms. Moberly’s Library.’”

The books were a hit. All of her classes used them daily. Even other teachers asked to use the books for their classes. She started Traveling Stories to invest in kids’ imaginations, to fuel their minds with stories the same way Ms. Moberly’s Library fueled her students’ minds in Honduras.

If you’re reading this blog, I suspect you’re a bookworm with a love of the written word. If so, check out Emily’s Traveling Stories website and see how you can get stories to travel around the world.

–Claire Yezbak Fadden


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