The Page a Day Writers Group

Fiction is my refuge

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Some things are extruded, rather than composed. I suppose blog posts should be more thoughtful, but this is all I can manage these days, friends,—to sweep my thoughts into a pile and push them under your rug.

Fiction is my refuge
my flight/wings/home
—a paper wasp nest bound up about me—
tucked under bridge joints/rumbling highways
mud-daubed by cliff swallows
darkly sheltering
Fiction is the fount and spring
healing sulfur waters—caustic/spoiled
which burn going down/coming up
It is balm/salve/butter on my wounds
the scab-peeling tongue
licking and licking
to get to the raw
It is the leech/lamprey/worm
maggot words squirm
writhe in sores
teethe on decay
gulping/regurgitating dead dreams
all that is futile and infertile
Fiction’s the blessing,
the holy dip in rushing rivers
the magic sprinkle from strangers’ hands
the portal, the gate, the door
A pit. A pendulum.
Unspoken, unread
pinned by sharp serifs and stems
held captive by white space
bittersweet promise
longing for the blank page

–Kirsten Imani Kasai


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