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Ghost Writing- Success Doesn’t Require a Byline

Posted on: April 4, 2011

Lynn Vincent, one of the most sought-after ghost writers in the U.S., cracks the whip with her clients and reaps the rewards. Since 2006, she has co-written nine memoirs, two of which are currently listed as New York Times best-sellers. Her latest, a co-authored memoir with Abby Sunderland (relating Sunderland’s attempt to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world) will be released April 12th.

In a San Diego Union-Tribune article yesterday, 4/3/11, Vincent shared the details of her process. Foremost was her relentless pursuit of details. She meets a co-author three or four times in person, and continues the interview process by phone up to three times a week. She probes for feelings and plumbs the depths of meaning in each topic they explore. She coaxes, pushes and pulls, drawing her clients out, sometimes ad nauseum, according to her clients. But the details are what make it possible for Vincent to weave spell-binding text. So she peels away with determination, through the discomfort and tears (I can’t resist alluding to the onion metaphor).

As a veteran of hundreds of in-person and phone interviews in my freelance work, I considered the effort and time Vincent expends in her ongoing quest for details. She earns every penny. I applaud her success and commend her example that bylines aren’t necessary as a definition of success in the
world of writing.

Read the San Diego Union-Tribune article here:

Write on,

Ondine Brooks Kuraoka


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