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Black Identity and the Biracial Experience

Posted on: February 26, 2011

In my twenties, I actively explored the myth of the tragic mulatta, read Nella Larsen’s novels ‘Passing’ and ‘Quicksand,’ William Wells Brown’s ‘Clotel’ and Fannie Hurst’s famous ‘Imitation of Life.”

The experience left me wondering, was I meant to be an unhappy accessory, weighed down by tainted stereotypes, both fetishized and victimized for my skin color or “good hair?”

What a disastrous legacy to come into! I responded by issuing an empowering call to other biracial people. When we gathered for our first brunch, we all expressed the same sense of wonder–“I’ve never been in a room with so many other people like me before!” After years of invisibility, we finally felt seen.

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1 Response to "Black Identity and the Biracial Experience"

Many cheers to your empowering call to gather with others and not accept a stereotyped, media-hammered legacy. As the mother of two biracial sons, I’m so glad they are growing up in a world of more open-mindedness- one we must consciously help to forge.

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