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Sharing Files With Critique Partners

Posted on: December 14, 2010

There are lots of reasons to be part of a writers group. In addition to having colleagues who understand the joys and frustrations of a writer’s life, critique partners generously share valuable feedback.  No doubt, having professional writers willingly offer their expertise and seasoned guidance about any of my writing endeavors definitely improves my work.

One of the challenges with having multiple critique partners, though, is keeping track of the various versions of the chapters I’ve sent out and streamlining everyone’s comments during the editing process.

I stumbled upon Google docs. A free online program that stores a master copy of any document and allows you send a link to those you’d like to access it, keeping all the editing, comments and feedback on one document.

I’m wondering how other writers keep track of their work while it’s being critiqued. Have you tried Google docs or a similar program? Was it helpful? What didn’t work for you?

–Claire Yezbak Fadden


2 Responses to "Sharing Files With Critique Partners"

I haven’t tried Google Docs…but would it be similar to a Yahoo group where you can store your work and direct others to it?

I agree with you regarding keeping all of the edits straight! It’s very challenging. Another thing that I find challenging sometimes is what if your critique partners don’t read the genre you write? I write “clean or inspirational” romance and in some instances some of the rules might be different from those who might write straight fiction or Sci-fi. With that said though, I can’t even imagine not having critique partners!

You hit the nail on the head, Sharon. I’ve started reading books from the genres of my critique partners just for that reason. It’s helped me on many levels. Not only am I better able to provide more realistic critique, but I’ve expanded my knowledge of a variety of genres I wouldn’t normally take the time to investigate.

There’s a painless learning process that occurs while we’re curled up with a good book. And we can use that time toward those 10,000 hours of practice we’re supposed to put in before success will greet us. As a bonus, expanding my reading choices is aiding my quest to read the 70-80 books a year Steven King recommends.

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