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Quiet Monday

Posted on: December 7, 2010

In celebration of my recent completion of four large freelance projects, I treated myself to a Quiet Day at Mission San Luis Rey. My simple room was free of distractions and I was able to focus on my novel for a change. Of course, I could focus on it anytime, but the reality is, when I feel the stress of impending freelance deadlines, I don’t. I would like to incorporate more focus on my novel into my regular week, instead of saving it for a special occasion.

Today was beautiful- the flourishing gardens outside my window were my only distraction. I did take a break to walk the grounds, which also have a lovely cemetery. I wrote for a little while at the small desk, but spent most of the day writing on the comfy bed, propped up with pillows next to the window, my binder on a pillow-desk that functioned just fine. I read a bit from Noah Lukeman’s The First Five Pages and The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass. I brought my knitting, but didn’t knit one stitch- the time melted like butter on an oven-fresh scone.

I broke my silence when I met my two quiet-reveling friends at the cafeteria for lunch, a simple feast of good food and conversation at long dark wood tables with frescoed ceiling beams that reminded me of German gingerbread houses. Good coffee, too. That was the only time I spoke until I left at 4 p.m.

No cleaning calling my name, no Internet searches, no phone ringing. Just me in my simple little room, pen and paper in hand. It felt so good!

I’m not remotely Catholic, I should add. But the kind folks at the mission don’t care. They smile warmly and give me my key and leave me alone for the day. Fabulous! I’m already checking my calendar for when I can return.

 Happy writing,

Ondine Brooks Kuraoka


3 Responses to "Quiet Monday"

This is a great reminder of how important it is to replenish our creative “well” often. We wear so many hats–woman, wife, mother, writer, sister, friend. All of our roles require ongoing maintenance. No matter what your faith (& I am very Catholic), quite time, reflection, prayer and meditation are powerful practices. Whether you can splurge on a day, or sneak away for a 60-minute yoga practice, it’s time well spent.

Thanks for the comment, Claire. Yes, I love the inclusiveness of the Mission in providing anyone a space for quiet reflection/reading/writing time in a beautiful environment.

Ondine, it sounds blissful. What a treat to be able to immerse yourself in your creative world.

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