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Galleys, glorious galleys!

Posted on: September 17, 2010

Last night I finished my first pass through the galleys (copy edited hard copy) of Tattoo. I hope to make 2-3 passes through the book before I return it to my publishers, and I’m very happy to be on track with my schedule. I have about 3 weeks left to do a deep read and make final changes.

I tried a new routine this go-round. A quick read, looking only at the editor’s and copy editor’s comments (typos, commas, grammar errors etc.) and okaying them. I approved nearly every change, except the ones that sounded foreign to my ears, where my distinctively wacky wording was normalized. I kept just two or three of those, and let the rest slide. It’s a test of my detachment to allow someone else to rearrange my words but I understand that continuity, standard English and clarity are required to push the dream from my head into the world and have it make sense.

A clean page without any marks on it feels like getting a gold star, and when I found an error that the copy editor missed (hard to do, because s/he is incredibly thorough), it was better than finding a baby in a king cake.

Changes which require research, more thought, or rewriting have tabbed pages. You can see I’ve got my work cut out for me!

Sadly, I have to replace a song with my own text, which means accessing my poetic brain and writing something to replace the lyrics to Severance, by Dead Can Dance. Apparently, it costs £200 to secure the rights from the record company, and I can’t justify the expense. Sorry my darlings, no new school clothes or filled cavities for you, I must have my song! I realized that when I watch that scene unfold, I’m hearing the music, getting this full-on surround sound 3-D experience that 99.9% of readers probably won’t have unless they know & love that song, too. So, that wish gets shelved for the day they make the movie…

The coming months are crammed with conventions/appearances and writing like a fiend to try to meet all the deadlines I’ve set myself. Better to be busy than idle, chewing off my nails pacing the floors as I wait for Things to Happen.

I came back from San Francisco with a head full of ideas, contacts, knowledge and a cold. Writers with Drinks was lots of fun, a full house and an attentive audience. What more could one want?

Kirsten at Writers with Drinks in SF

Now, off to attempt to resuscitate the pathetic plants in the yard, edit and edit some more, eat melty, slurpy NY Super Fudge Chunk and try not to indulge in to many episodes of Hotel Babylon on Netflix.

Happy weekend to you! KIK

WWD hostess Charlie Jane Anders


2 Responses to "Galleys, glorious galleys!"

Wow, so exciting! What could be better than galleys AND NY Super Fudge Chunk?! A full house and an attentive audience on top of that. Enjoy, enjoy, dear girl.

I can’t wait till Tattoo comes out. You are such an inspiration to those of us who are still working on getting published. Cheers!

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