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Dublin: A City for Writers

Posted on: June 22, 2010


Earlier this month, before I left for my vacation to Ireland, my good friend and award-winning writer Sue Diaz wished me a bon voyage. She also reminded me that writers are held in high regard in Ireland. “Mention that you’re one while visiting a pub, and – who knows – it could mean a free Guinness.”   

Well, I didn’t receive any complimentary pints, but I saw evidence of Ireland’s rich writing history everywhere. During my stay, I stumbled upon the Dublin Writers Museum where local Irish literary celebrities from the past 300 years are brought to life through their books, letters, portraits and personal items.    

Journalist and author Maurice Gorham (1902-1975) proposed the concept to Dublin Tourism. The building, a restored Georgian mansion on Parnell Square, is a treasure in itself.  

James Joyce

Through its association with the Irish Writers’ Centre it provides a link with living writers and the international literary scene. On a national level it acts as a center, simultaneously pulling together the strands of Irish literature and complementing the smaller, more detailed museums devoted to individuals like Joyce, Shaw, Yeats and Pearse.   

The museum boasts lots of works “representing the milestones in the progress of Irish literature from Gulliver’s Travels to Dracula, The Importance of Being Earnest, Ulysses and Waiting for Godot. Most of these are first or early editions, recapturing the moment when they first surprised the world. There are books inscribed to Oliver Gogarty by W.B. Yeats and to Brinsley MacNamara by James Joyce, while a first edition of Patrick Kavanagh’s The Great Hunger includes in the poet’s own hand a stanza which the prudish publisher declined to print.”     

Visit before you plan your trip to Dublin and learn more about the Dublin Writers Museum. 

–Claire Yezbak Fadden



3 Responses to "Dublin: A City for Writers"

Hi Caire and Nick – could not find your email so googled you. – just wanted to say we had a wonderful time in in the Emerald Isle and part of that was meeting you and Nick! We had a busy week back and just getting back to a normal routine – hope all is well with you. You were pretty modest about being a writer but I think you have a pretty impressive following. Anyway hope all is well and your journey back from JFK was uneventful. It’s great to go away but sure is nice to be home. Take care and we’re walking, we’re walking! Nice not to have to put out luggage at 7:00 A.M.! I think the wanted posters of us in Killarney have been torn down so it’s all good! Best wishes Maureen and Frank D’Apice

Oooh, what a wise country to honor its writers so! I must visit the Dublin Writers Museum someday. What a fabulous trip!

Oh, my home country…I come from a long, long, long line of Irish storytellers. Claire, thanks for reminding me of my roots. I hope to get to Ireland some day. In the meantime, I keep telling stories. What a lovely tribute.

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