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Posted on: June 15, 2010

Over the past week I’ve written in several new places and have connected with a wild and abundant source of energy from the art I found.  I wrote a scene for my novel at the Museum of Art at Balboa Park. First I wandered through the rooms seeking an emotional hook. I resonated with so many paintings and sculptures I felt overwhelmed. I gravitated toward a large work of tiles and sat in front of them, pen to paper for a good hour. The quiet, intense contemplation from visitors strolling past fed my inspiration. I’m not sure the bustle of a weekend visit would be as conducive to a writing session, though, unless I changed my focus to the study of visitors- hey, a great idea! I love people watching, but on this visit I was craving art-to-heart writing.

On Saturday I visited Liberty Station in Point Loma for the first time and enjoyed the Visions Art Quilt Gallery, the Losina Art Center and the San Diego Watercolor Society Gallery. I was so mesmerized by a quilt titled “While We Slept” by Katherine Allen, I wrote a poem about it on the spot. Satisfying!

I then gathered information from Dance Place San Diego about various classes and attended Jean Isaacs’ Spring Dance Showcase performance later that night. I scribbled notes on my program in the dark; the performance filled my creative cup with visual details and emotions. I returned to Jean Isaacs studio today for a modern dance class, soon to be translated and morphed into a fictional scene.

I love the flowing river of muses swimming together through deep and shallow currents- art inspiring more art, ideas sparking more ideas. Jump in!


2 Responses to "Art to Heart"

What a great outing! Art inspires my writing, too. 🙂 I enjoy reading this blog. I’m part of a group blog, too, (The Parking Lot Confessional) and know it takes a team effort to make a good group blog. I’ve given you an award! You can pick it up here:

Wow! Thank you, Amy! We are honored 😀 and will definitely check out The Parking Lot Confessional- love the name of your blog!

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