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Writers’ Retreat Workshop in Kentucky: Ten days of fun and a whole lot of work

Posted on: May 19, 2010

On June 10, I take to the skies for Owensboro, Kentucky from San Diego, California. I’m sure there are more than a few writers’ workshops on the west coast, but the Writers’ Retreat Workshop in Kentucky gives writers a whole tool chest to construct a solid foundation to become successful authors. Besides, my hubby likes to “surprise” me with the tuition for the workshop during the holidays.

Last year I didn’t know what to expect during my ten days away from home.

This year is a different story.

  • Daily classes, given by seasoned, successful writers, will provide exercises, information, and how-tos on just about everything to do with crafting the best novel possible. Then I’ll have several hours to hibernate in my room and put my shiny new hammers and screwdrivers to work.
  • Successful authors will give presentations on what to expect in the publishing world and how to navigate the business end of writing to the best advantage.
  • I will submit pages in the presenting authors’ files the night before and sign up for one-on-one professional feedback sessions (Last year, I was clueless and didn’t take advantage of this).
  • Small critique groups will read each others’ pages, make comments, pick up a few techniques we might like to try, and learn from mistakes similar to our own. It’s amazing how helpful it can be to see another writer mess up something  the same way we do.
  • Lively conversations will ensue at mealtimes in the common cafeteria.
  • I’ll eat too much and run with my buddy, Deborah Rosen, in the mornings before breakfast to offset the excess calories. We’ll get it all talked over – our families, friends, activities, and most of all, our writers’ lives that non-writers just don’t get.
  • I’ll average about four hours of sleep, from about 2 to 6:00 a.m. Normally so few hours of rest would turn my brain to butter – melted – but not in Kentucky. The creative juices flow nonstop! When I get back to San Diego, though, I’ll probably crash for an entire day.

In June, I’m showing up with the latest version of Taking Chances, the entire manuscript of the first novel in my YA series. This year I have specific goals in mind to fine tune it.  I also plan to put together a killer package for agents at the workshop and start sending out queries by August 1.

How does a good writer become great?

Gather as many writers’ wrenches as possible and …

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Happy writing!


3 Responses to "Writers’ Retreat Workshop in Kentucky: Ten days of fun and a whole lot of work"

What a great opportunity. Can’t wait to hear about all the new tools you come back with.

This sounds like it’s going to be fun…and a lot of work, Trish! I can’t wait to hear about it once you return. I’m also attending a writer’s retreat in June (Faith & Fiction Writer’s Retreat). We’ll have to compare notes! Enjoy!

Oh. I can’t wait to hear about it, Sharon! I always feel like my writing takes a leap onto another level by the time I’ve finished a workshop. Here’s to working our tooshes off and reaping the rewards of a job well done. 🙂

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