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Posted on: May 14, 2010

I think I have a new favorite author!  Beverly Jenkins.  I thought she only wrote historical fiction, but it turns out she writes contemporary romantic suspense, as well as faith based, women’s fiction.

I recently finished reading her new book: A Second Helping, which was the sequel to her first, faith based, women’s fiction – Bring on the Blessings. I couldn’t put it down.  Actually I had a hard time putting both of them down.  Her books are loaded with wonderful description and easy flowing dialog.  So much so, that you feel apart of the story!

Bring on the Blessings was about a woman who had divorced her faithless tycoon husband, and was awarded millions in the settlement.  She multiplied those millions and used some of it to purchase the historic town of Henry Adams, located in Kansas.  Can you imagine purchasing a whole town? Not only that, she founded a foster care program where she personally matched five foster children from various states, up with five very different families and brought them all to live in her new hometown.  The story is a fun read, with colorful characters, my favorite being the ten year old, Amari.  His nick name was “Flash” because he was a car thief and could steel a car in the blink of an eye.  His sense of humor and his antics had me literally laughing out loud.

In A Second Helping, Jenkins continues the tale a year later, showing the growth of the small town   and the closeness of the families.  And yes, Amari, is still my favorite character.  If you’re looking for a fun easy read, pick up any of Ms. Jenkins books – but I highly recommend Bring on the Blessings and A Second Helping.


10 Responses to "Ms. Jenkins"

Thanks for letting us know about Beverly. I’ll have to start reading her. Sounds like my kind of a read!

Claire, I think you would enjoy her! You two have very similar sense of humors 🙂

The thing that cracked me up was how Amari called Devon “Creflo!” Didn’t you love the church scene when Devon delivered his first sermon?

I’m still making my way through Ms. Jenkins’ backlist, and still have a few to go.

OMG, Chicki, yes! I fell out laughing at all of the nicknames he was dishing out. Especially referring to Malachi as the O.G (original ganster). Jenkins is truly a great story teller – especially when she can make you laugh out loud!

I love finding “new” writers. I love getting lost in the world they’ve created, and there’s no better feeling than not being to put a book down. I’m thrilled you’ve discovered Beverly Jenkins and told us about her. Thanks.

I agree totally, Michelle – there is no better feeling than to not be able to put a book down! So far w/ the books that I’ve read by her (5 of them in the last couple of months) – that’s been (for the most part) my experience. Though I think she’s mostly known for her historicals (I only read one), her contemporary /suspense romances were on point.

Thank you for the recommend, Sharon! It’s a joyous thing when an author we enjoy has written a number of books- more to look forward to!

Hmm. Thanks for the tip, Sharon. I’ll have to check her out!

Hey there. Just found your review. Thanks so much for the kind words.

Wow, Ms. Jenkins! What an honor to hear from you! If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

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