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Posted on: May 4, 2010

My original calling was social work. I received my MSW from Smith College School for Social Work in 1994. The work was gratifying- and took everything I had, emotionally. Over the years, as my love of writing shone a light on another career path, my freelance writing goals were born. 

In the past six years I’ve completed assignments on myriad topics but find my spirit humming with glee when I have the opportunity to marry my social work roots with my writing. Community supported agriculture is one of the grass roots movements about which I enjoy spreading the word. 

I’ve written press releases for Garden of Eden Organics, the WorldBeat Cultural Center and the Jenna Druck Foundation. Not only do these worthy causes benefit from the ripple effect of the releases, it just feels so darn good to use my ability in this way. 

Find an organization you feel passionate about, contact them and ask how you can help with their writing needs. You won’t get rich overnight but you’ll get tremendous experience and a warm glow all over. And you will be able to point to your writing for nonprofits as you pitch jobs for other businesses if you’re interested in pursuing press release/advertorial work. 

Follow me on twitter @mangopoetondine for more details on a dig-in-the-dirt event tomorrow in Escondido, to grow food for hungry members of the community.

Write on,

Ondine Brooks Kuraoka


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