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Muse on Deadline

Posted on: March 23, 2010

It’s a funny irony (ha ha ha ha ha, do you hear my hysteria building?) that my day job does involve writing- but not fiction. Yes, Deb, I’m nodding my head; how to keep the muse alive while immersed in the job that pays the bills? And I also believe it comes down to finding creative insight in hours spent outside of our novels.

My latest freelance project has me visiting boutiques, galleries and fancy cafes and writing business profiles. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It is, except that I can’t afford a single item in any of these fine places- except coffee! But here’s the happy news: my muse has been on hyper-Avatar drive, emoting and hording impressions, inhaling, stirring and poking them until they’re bulging at the seams in strange new ways. I’m champing at the bit for the moment I come up for air from this fast-paced assignment; my next deadline is in two days. Will I unleash it into my fiction then? I hope so- if not, I might implode.

Another frugal miracle: I’ve discovered after feasting my eyes on all these wondrous things that I don’t really need to own them. It’s enough to hold them in metaphor and let my imagination set them free. My one weakness, I’ve decided, if I had the funds to feed an acquisitional hobby, would be art. Because art is its own story, which re-imagines and re-tells and re-layers with each viewing. Maybe it doesn’t need to be “acquisitional.” Maybe it can be like books, falling in love with one at a time and deciding yes, that one would find a good home with me. Um… yes, acquisitional is the right word after all. But a frugal writer can dream, can’t she? Dream and save her pennies.

Happy musing!


2 Responses to "Muse on Deadline"

Sounds like you, frugal writer, are finding your own riches in joys money can’t buy. Every writer wants support themself through their work. That’s a wonderful goal. We also know the real reason we write, isn’t for great sums of money, but because something inside drives us to. We’re pretty happy following our rainbow. If we collect a few pots of gold along the way, all the better.

Yes, your freelance project sounds way cool!

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