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A Writer’s Epiphany

Posted on: February 3, 2010


In the car the other day, I was running to pick up my younger daughter from school and then off to deliver the older daughter to an appointment. My husband called on the cell phone in transit and asked me to pick something up at the grocery store. The needle on the fuel gauge read below E, and the puppy bounded back and forth in the van with that innate sense that freaks dogs out on the way to the vet. 

None of these things seem inherantly tragic. Lots of moms can claim chaos all in a day’s work. But pricks of anxiety about the pages I never got to revise, the queries I didn’t write, the entries I didn’t get posted on the Page a Day or my Grade by Grade blog felt like continual pokes in the chest.

My husband called again to tell me he had to leave for five days, through the weekend, to make back-to-back appointments in two states to satisfy two separate companies he works for: one he owns and operates, and one he puts deals together for. And I felt stressed? Sheesh. I left classroom teaching so that I could spend more time with our teenage girls. All those hours plinking at the computer keys when they were at school used to feel like adventures: new discoveries in research for nonfiction articles and living the latest quandries in my characters’ fictional lives. What happened?

I forgot to play. I forgot to keep chipping away at my novel revision, take steps regularly to develop my platform for my nonfiction book, and let things happen in their own time.

Now when I sit down to stare at the monitor, I breath deep and smile, pleased to be doing one of the things I love to do most, whether whatever comes out on the screen that day is my best work or not. Communicating in print makes me happy in all its forms. It’s time I remembered to think of my writing as a serious endeavor that has a delicious playful side.

Man is made God’s plaything, and that is the best part of him. Therefore every man and woman should live life accordingly, and play the noblest games…what, then, is the right way of living? Life must be lived as play. ~ Plato, Laws

Happy Writing!



5 Responses to "A Writer’s Epiphany"

So true, Trish. I write because it is the thing I enjoy the most. If I lost that pleasure, I would simply stop writing. Writing is a necessary art for us, but one that should always keep its sense of whimsy and adventure.

Thanks for the gentle reminder. Isn’t it easy to forget?

Sometimes we’re so busy getting stuff done that we don’t stop to check and see if what we’re doing is important. Thanks for reminding me to look up every so often and see if the goal line in my head is still my true goal.

Love your post, Trish! And thanks so much for the reminders!

Yes, Trish, love the “whatever comes out on the screen that day is my best work or not.” We take what comes and work with it, like clay. Playing with clay!

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