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Journey to Your Dream

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Les Brown said it best when he said “it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity, than have an opportunity and not be prepared.”  We all have the desire to accomplish a goal or see a dream manifest, but are we ready?  If an opportunity that you’ve been hoping for presented itself, would you be ready?

 The other day I was thinking about a writer friend of mine, who recently hooked up with an agent that she truly admires and is excited about working with.  But one thing I know about this friend (D.J) is that this didn’t just happen.  She lined her actions up with her dreams.  Like many of us, her desire is to be a published author.  But unlike some, she has researched the industry inside and out; collected information on everything from how to write a book – to what to do once your book is on the shelf.  She has been apart of and has founded numerous writer’s groups, and has befriended several New York Times best selling authors.  I can’t help but admire her.  Even though all of this is very new, and her manuscript hasn’t sold YET, she’s ready.  She won’t be floundering around trying to figure out what to do next because she’s been planning for this opportunity for years.

I once heard that when setting a goal, it’s important to do something everyday towards reaching that goal.  If your goal is to be a New York Times best selling author, what are you doing to line yourself up with your goal?  Anything? So I ask you again, if an opportunity presented itself, would you be ready?

Sharon C. Cooper


3 Responses to "Journey to Your Dream"

I love the saying — Luck is opportunity meeting preparation. Thanks for the inspirational start to my day. As you say, if we don’t set goals, we can’t ever hope to meet them.

Glad I could add a little something to your day! Oh, and I love the saying that you shared…I’m going to have to use that one!

I have a quote on my office wall from Bishop T. D. Jakes that says, “God propels prepared people into their purpose.” Every day when I look at that, it reminds me of the part I have to play in this.

If you want to read an excellent article about becoming a master writer, go here:

Love you, girl!

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