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Life is Just a Bowl of Stories

Posted on: January 12, 2010

I weave my blog threads tonight alongside the weft of story shark Kirsten (see post below); we are all seeking stories, connection, meaning, answers and mystery. And more stories. Yes, here we are, ten years into the new millennium and we still need stories. Technology evolves with its glittering Android phones, terabytes and whistles, but what good is any of it without stories by humans, for humans?

Maybe for mathematicians, the beauty and logic of an equation is just as satisfying as a story. Can the process of solving math problems involve the same drama, humor and suspense as reading stories? Perhaps. But at the end of a satisfying (and/or frustrating) day wrestling equations, I bet mathematicians crave immersion in a good book or movie. Or maybe they just yearn for conversation to lift the wings of their hearts beyond a cognitive workout. Of course, math folks can be surrounded all day by other people, many of whom may be gifted storytellers. Who says lovers of numbers can’t also be lovers of words?

Where am I going with this meandering see saw? To the dreaded generalization. As much as I try to avoid it, there’s no running from it tonight. I’m determined to generalize about a common human trait- the need for narrative as part of our connection to each other, not only in echo of our close relationships but in a broader sense to humankind.

Ondine Brooks Kuraoka, Story Gobbler


3 Responses to "Life is Just a Bowl of Stories"

Besides me, my side of the family are all accountants and engineers, and they tell some of the kookiest stories. The human connection a narrative provides serves an important purpose. I think the all-important brain vacation that comes from visiting someone else’s experience, whether in ficiton or in real life, keeps us all coming back for more as well.

I agree Trish. I think that’s why one of my favorite past times is reading – it’s an escape from the day to day stuff.

Nice, thought provoking blog, Ondine.

Absolutely, Ondine. What is a day without story? Story fills in the formless, empty gaps, answers our questions, gives meaning to what would otherwise be meaningless. If we are bricks, then story is the mortar that coheres us, and builds the house of our human existence.

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