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The Courage to Persevere

Posted on: January 7, 2010

During my spiritual walk I’m often faced with challenges or obstacles, but I try to remember what the bible tells us in the book of Hebrews – persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.  The same goes for my writing.  There have many times when I couldn’t find the right word to enhance that boring sentence, or the right sentence to pull that oh so important scene together.  However, when those times present themselves, I try to be patient (although not one of my strengths).  I keep pecking away, hoping that it will eventually come together and I end up with something that I’m happy with.

It’s exciting when a story comes together the way you envision, but the things you mentally and emotionally go through to get it to that point.  For days I battled with which direction to take my second work in progress (WIP) and frustration settled in preventing me from going in any direction.  Part of me blamed it on the busyness of the holidays as well as life’s numerous surprises, but now that I look back, it probably had more to do with timing.  When we stop trying to force things to happen, that’s when things start working out.  Despite the fact that my story just sat, I’m happy to say that the time wasn’t wasted.  Someone once told me, that even if you’re not working on your WIP, you should still write daily.  So I forced myself to sit down and write, sticking to my writing schedule.  Some of the writing had nothing to do with my WIP, but it turns out that a lot of it did. Though I probably won’t use half of what I came up with, it felt good knowing that I was able to stay true to my schedule of spending x – amount of time writing. 

As in our spiritual walk, we often get frustrated when we’re trying to make something happen that isn’t ready to happen, something we can’t do anything about.  So when your story isn’t coming together the way you would like, the key is to persevere – hang in there.  And when it’s time, everything will come together for the good.

Sharon C. Cooper


9 Responses to "The Courage to Persevere"

Great advice, Sharon! I was wondering how come I hadn’t seen your next chapter, but now I understand. You can’t force it. I’m glad you’ve found a way to break through.

Thanks Chicki! Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll be hearing from me very soon! 🙂

It was wonderful to read my thoughts in your words. I feel just this same way and often wonder why God made me a writer. But as you suggest, he has nestled into our lives a variety of lessons — some I learn the first time, and others I have to keep repeating until I get them right.

Writing is just like that. Reworking a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, until it says exactly what you wanted it to say.

I pray every day to be open to God’s direction, to appreciate his patience and to accept his blessings.

Thanks for a great starter to my day.

Thanks for your comment, Claire! Glad I could have a hand in getting your day started! I absolutely loved your sentence about being open to God’s direction… That is a part of my daily prayer and its nice to know I’m not the only one with that prayer.

For now we’ll just continue on this writing journey together, reworking words, sentences, paragraphs, and maybe even a chapter.

Thanks for the reminder, Sharon! With all the visitors and the new puppy, keeping a writing schedule and getting the words to fit in some kind of coherant order has been a challenge.

I can imagine, Trish. It doesn’t take much to throw off a writing schedule.

Wonderful post Sharon. Patience with the process is one of the hardest lessons to learn. Creativity occurs on its own schedule, and we have to nurture it by allowing it to grow and develop at the right pace, not the one we demand.

I agree 100%, Kirsten!!!

Our spiritual walk… I love this metaphor for our journey. Also love the lingo- “Working on my WIP.” 🙂 And yes, a great reminder to have faith in our WIPs. The discipline to show up and write even if we feel like nothing is happening, something IS happening. That’s the grace of discipline! Thank you for this beautiful post, Sharon.

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