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Year-end Writing Blues

Posted on: December 24, 2009

I found this year’s writing goals when I cleaned out my office, a.k.a. the formal dining room, to get ready for holiday visitors. It’s not like I didn’t have the goals memorized. I even had measurable objectives listed to make sure I got from Point A to Point B to Point C, and so on.

I didn’t reach ANY of my goals the way I intended this year.

At first, I played the mental punching bag.  If I were more ______________ (organized, efficient, and a myriad other disparaging choices), I would be farther along on developing my platform for my nonfiction book, Grade by Grade: Excellent Elementary Education Made Easy. Why haven’t I finished the entire revision for Taking Chances, my YA novel? I even have an agent who has agreed to read it when it’s completed.

“Why do you do this writing thing at all?” I yelled at the bathroom mirror. 

Answer: I write because I can’t not write.

If I’m not punching keys at the computer, I’m jotting ideas, references, or some cool phrase I heard at the mall on a tablet or the back of a magazine. My characters go places and do things in my head all the time, and they wake me up at night.

Writing is part of me – one of my favorite parts.

I haven’t secured a deal with an agent yet, but I’ve gotten several articles published and started a newsletter. Grade by Grade News will gain more followers as I publish it consistently. After all, it was quite a feat to figure out how to write a newsletter and get it distributed. I’m giving a workshop at the end of January, so I’ll get the word out there, too. In the new year, I’ll send out queries to land contracts and get a few more articles published. On the fiction front, living in Maria’s world, experiencing my Latina heroine’s life as it grows into a breathing, believable three-dimensional reality, “hearing” the characters’ voices clearly and individually, getting rid of the junk and polishing the rest, has been incredibly rewarding.

Okay, so the process isn’t going as fast as I would like. Between family demands and juggling fiction and nonfiction projects, maybe my expectations were a bit unrealistic.

My big lesson for 2009 on the writing front: Pay attention to progress and reset objectives that don’t work.  That way, the world doesn’t have to feel like some throbbing thing on the verge of explosion when I don’t meet the goals I set for myself.

As long as I’m PATIENT, CONSISTENT, and DILIGENT the rest will take care of itself.

The magic key to any writer’s career: KEEP WRITING!

So … Happy Writing in the new year!

Trish Wilkinson




2 Responses to "Year-end Writing Blues"

Hey Trish,
Loved your lesson for 2009! I agree and I’ll be carrying it with me into 2010.

Happy writing to you too in the New Year!

Your big lesson is such a good one: Pay attention to progress and reset objectives that don’t work. Thank you for that, Trish. And yes, Patience, Consistence and Diligence is an awesome mantra, and part of the faith this life’s work requires. PCDF! 🙂 Bring on 2010!

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