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Writers Write – and sometimes a schedule is necessary!

Posted on: December 10, 2009

I have to admit, it’s a little embarrassing, but I can’t get to all my writing projects without an anal daily schedule. No kidding. Writing is supposed to be a creative craft, right? But if I don’t set aside blocks of time for each project and stick to it, something goes amiss. Today, for example, I worked on my novel, Taking Chances, and I didn’t manage to seek out editors at magazines to query. I KNOW I have to start writing for national publications to take my nonfiction book platform to the next level. The queries won’t write themselves. Of course, I just finished a Media Bistro class on how to build a strong platform, so the previous month, most of my writing time has been spent on nonfiction. Argh! I’m out of balance – again. See? Unless I lay out a specific schedule for a given day, with the timer set to go off when it’s time to change activities, my work is less efficient in EVERYTHING. Holiday season, the new tile floor under construction in the kitchen, my daughters’ car accident yesterday, there are always life’s distractions to get in the way of completing writing tasks. Outside of the unavoidable (like a head-on collision on the way to school- thank God for airbags), I find the only way I can get projects done or keep them progressing at an even pace is to plug in daily periods of time to work on them.

A Wednesday schedule might be:

4:30-6 am: Walk with Sue (one of my best buddies)

6-6:50 – make lunches, eat morning munchies

6:55-7:30 – handle email

7:30-9:30 Work on Grade by Grade (blog, newsletter, research, writing, queries to mag. publishers, social marketing, etc.)

9:30-10:30 Write the blog post for Pageaday Writers.

10:30-10:50 Breakfast Break

10:50-12:50 Nonfiction article research and writing

12:50-1:30 Lunch break

1:30-2:20 Shower and get myself together. (I know, eew! Dried sweat, blah blah. So what. I’m writing in isolation, in my small corner of the formal dining room, cloistered with my computer.)

2:30 Pick up Paige from high school and spend some time with her.

3:30 Leave for Barnes Tennis Center to get Paige to her clinic.

4:00-7:00 Work on Taking Chances, my YA novel.

7:30 dinner (My hubby does the cooking. I know. I’m a lucky girl.)

8:00 Clean up the kitchen.

8:30-10 Family time

When I get everything done on a Wednesday like that, I feel like I can solve world hunger or take care of that pesky global warming thing everyone keeps whining about. OK, maybe not that life-changing, but on days when I conscientiously follow my schedule, and Iget soo much done, it’s a truly amazing feeling.

Today is not one of those Wednesdays.

But I had LOTS of fun in Maria’s world today. 😉

Happy writing!

Trish Wilkinson (twtrifles)


3 Responses to "Writers Write – and sometimes a schedule is necessary!"

You sound a lot like me! Without some kind of schedule, nothing gets done. I’m happy to know I’m not the only anal writer out there …

You’re definitely not the only anal writer out there, Chicki! I’m also a member of that team.

I’d be totally lost without my daily schedule…and nothing would get done!!!! I truly feel you on this!

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