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Honorary degrees in analysis

Posted on: December 1, 2009

Reading your posts, Deb and Ondine, makes me think that we writers ought to have honorary degrees in psychoanalysis. Certainly, we invest much time and thought into understanding our characters’ (clients?) histories and motivations.

This discussion has come along at a perfect time. Occasionally, a character gets slippery. I thought I knew them well, but it turns out they are a bit of a devil and keeping some secrets. Ondine, I imagine you interrogate your characters very gently, perhaps offering them tea and biscuits, while I’ve got the swinging bare light bulb, the hard chair and overheated room, and a hefty serving of threats and coercion. But I digress…

Browsing the hero archetypes yesterday finally helped me pinpoint my newest hero as the Nice Guy, a perfect counter to Chen, the Bastard I adore. Thus it all slots neatly into place. Nice guys, will he finish last, I wonder?



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