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Mythic structure, midpoints and rewrites

Posted on: November 15, 2009

Recently received the editorial letter for Tattoo-six pages of insightful comments and suggestions for sharpening, shaping and clarifying my story.

Since speaking with my editor last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about Tattoo and how to strengthen it.

I used Vogler’s “Writer’s Journey” to create a 4 page plotting/character worksheet. Filling it out helped me identify the main plotlines and crises, pinpoint which elements are wrong or misplaced, and create an internal structure for the story. It seems that the novel was supported by scaffolding before. Now I must dismantle and rebuild it from the inside out, starting with the skeleton and fleshing it out with characters, details and subplots.

After completing the worksheet, I diagrammed the story for the third time and now have a clear idea of what needs to be done. No sorrow about deleting superfluous scenes, or surgically restructuring the novel, rather I’m excited to have created a workable method for envisioning my story in a new way.

The cut file (orphaned sections of excised text) grows.

Kirsten Imani Kasai


1 Response to "Mythic structure, midpoints and rewrites"

Thanks for sharing your worksheets with us, Kirsten. It helps to see the story diagrammed and will help me to diagram my own novels. It’s amazing to find that I’ve been doing most of the right stuff, but small nuances and placement can make all the difference!

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