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Caught in the eddies

Posted on: November 12, 2009

I feel you Sharon! Sorykah and Chen are currently vacationing in my brain and it I’m right there with them. They’re in the country and the air is warm, heavy and sweet. I can see and feel every detail, from the peeling, sun-bleached travel poster at the train station to the gold rim on the china cups at the inn where they’re staying. They’re emotions are intense and they swirl around me as if I am a rock in an eddy, washed by the cold current. Pacific Ocean-San Diego, CA

Today I realized that being in this frame of mind, half in and half out of the real world (straddling the border line between countries fictional or actual) is like standing waist-deep in the sea. Have you ever been to the ocean and waded out in the surf until the water rushed around your belly? Mentally penning the rough draft to “Asta Requited,” the third book in my series (dare I call it that?) keeps me spellbound. Landlocked, but yearning for the ocean’s depths. You can stand in the ocean and fix your gaze upon the horizon, or turn towards the beach with its blithe frolicking families. Whichever possibility you choose, there is always the tug of the tide pulling you away from safe shores and sucking at your clothes, beckoning you to go deeper, and deeper still.

I would love to lie on my back and float right into the heart of my story, but the real world is an anchor and will not let me go.

Kirsten Imani Kasai


2 Responses to "Caught in the eddies"

The real world, job, family, life, just blow a hole in your whole day, don’t they? I can so relate to your post today, Kirsten. This is something that every fiction writer experiences on some level, I think. Thanks for expressing this feeling so eloquently.

You have such a wonderful way with words, Kirsten!

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